Tailor-made winter shelters


It is the quality of the materials used as well as the concern for its durable design that make the Signature of a trustworthy winter shelter.

We use Canadian materials designed to withstand our harsh winter climate. Our reinforcements are made of galvanized steel with walls of a higher grade. Depending on the desired shelter, it will be designed with round or oval extrusions.


The fabric is made from 7.5oz Fabrene, white or clear, or 18oz vinyl membrane and is UV protected. Its attachment system, which connects it to the structure, without ropes, which facilitates its installation or dismantling, is unique on the market. The latter can be equipped with the desired number of 20ga clear polymerwindows.

Our installation experts ensure that your purchased shelter is properly anchored to the ground with the appropriate anchor.

Our shelters comply with the BNQ standard, 3910-700, which requires superior quality materials and ground anchoring. The main objective of the standard is to prevent the collapse and undocking of shelters in order to ensure the safety of people and property.


Let us take the pleasure of reducing your anxiety 

about winter weather, give yourself a 

winter shelter!

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