Window and door awnings give additional charm to your home or business.

Give your business more visibility by adding your logo on the awning.

Two types of slope are available for window awnings. The single slope is ideal for sliding windows and double slope for casement windows.

Several types of awnings are available for doors, such as the dome awning and reverse slope awning.

A qualified representative will guide you in your choice so that it serves its purpose and harmonizes nicely to your decor.

All awnings are covered with 100% acrylic fabric or 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane. Both come with a 10-year warranty*. They are mounted on a baked enamel aluminium structure. These canopies will prevent fading of your curtains and furniture.


In addition, relative to the type of awnings, you will get a noticeable reduction of energy consumption for air conditioning. 



  • Canadian Aluminum Profiles

  • Baked enamelled aluminium (white, tan and black)

    • 10-year warranty*

  • 100% acrylic fabric

    • 10-year warranty*

  • 22-ounce laminated vinyl membrane

    • 10-year warranty*

  • Design and installation

    • 1 year warranty*

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