Several different glass solarium designs are currently available on the market. What distinguishes the one manufactured at Auvents et Solariums Signature from the others is its waterproofing against water infiltration through the glass roof. Long studied and tested by our team of engineers and professionals, we have found the perfect design method that will give you peace of mind.

Sunbeds equipped with thermal glasses that will provide you with comfort during the summer period and a high degree of clarity giving the effect of light therapy during the winter period.


Made of a structure of baked enamelled aluminium and thermal glass that can offer an insulation factor of up to R-20.

Enjoy the beauty of each season in the comfort of your solarium.

We see your dream as you do, we make it come true for you! 






Custom built to updated specs.
Available with choice of R9, R15 or unique R20 glass.

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